Hey all,

The IPA kicked last night. So we thought we would listen to the blog-o-sphere out there and brought in some Dogfish 90min IPA. So that should get us up to/through the weekend when the Bottle Rocket will be backing up the 90min.

Now, the Oatmeal Stout kicked last night as well and Le Chat Noir is almost ready. We added coffee to this batch to see what that will do so I am excited for this batch to come on. Le Chat needs a few more days to condition and we need a stout on. Some of you out there might remember that about a year ago a group of crazy Belgian brewers came and took over our brewery for the longest brew day of my life. The final product was the most intense wort I have ever seen making only 3 bbls. We tried everything in the book to finish out this beer, but it just didn’t want to completely ferment out and we needed to have our fermenter back. So as an experiment Tod and I brought in every carboy we had at home and blended in some our imperial stout that was in just starting to enter the ripping fermentation stage of its life to these carboys. But we didn’t have 3bbls worth of carboys at home so we ended up dumping most of the Belgian Royal stout. But the carboys took off and finished out the blend of beers almost to completion. So we decided to keg it off and let it age for a year and then bring it out on a day like…well today!

So we have one keg of 2008 Kabert, a Kate the Great/Black Albert imperial stout blend. Its on today, try it let us know what you think.