Hello beer lovers, and welcome to January. Looks like we’re in for some weather here and you know what that means…. good drinkin’ and we will not let you down. For starters we’ve put on our Imperial Pilsner which I have been informed that it is actually a Barvarian Imperial Lager (or as like to refer to it as BIL) which has”an acidic viniferous aroma” followed by a lovely malty sweetness finishing with a noble type hop aromatic. That’s a mouthfull! However, you should put your mouth up to a glass of this unique beer and see for yourself. Lots of goodness coming to the brewery over the next few weeks including a sour mashed Flanders style Red ale, a Belgian style Tripel and Dubbel and a Bier de Garde as well as our Imperial Stout; Kate the Great. So if the weather sucks, don’t let it bring you down…. just come on down to the brewery for some cheering elixirs. See you soon and Cheers! Todm