Greetings beer lovers.WHOA! What was Friday? Early perfect summer day….? YES!! I was able to sneak away to Sunday River for one of those amazing sunny spring ski days. I wish I was at the brewery to brew the first Weizen of the warm weather varieties….. NOT!! But actually, T$ had things in control. I, on the other hand was totally out of control because it was such an amazing day! Beautiful clear bluebird sky, Mt Washington majestically peering on the horizon and some of the sickest corn snow I’ve been on in years! I am having a wee bit of trouble getting down the stairs as my quads are like jello but I am in the brewery today to get some stuff done before next weeks’ Craft Brewers Conference in Boston.
So. like T$ said we’ve put on our ESB which was brewed with Crisp floor malted Maris Otter malt (Sweet!) and two colored malts from Chile: a Black malt and a Crystal 52 as well as two hop varieties not yet available here in the U.S.: Boadicea and Sovereign. Both hops are aroma varieties heavily influenced by a spicy-earthy characteristic. The hop is quite understated in our ESB where as the malt predominates the aroma. With some time the hops show themselves as a beautiful soft earthiness and a slight bite. I am waiting to try the cask version where the soft, under carbonated and WARMER temps. should prove to highlight the hops. Then be on the lookout for both the Weizen Bock and the Saison. We’ll keep everyone in the loop for these two. Lastly, I wanted to let all know that we’ve decided to release Kate the Great not until next March. The official date will be March 1st at 1:37ish 2010! Holy crap! 2010!!! I remember when 2000 was a big deal. Well, have a great weekend and I be getting back to you soon. Cheers! Todm