Greetings all. It was a sad morning for me when I walked into the brewery only to look at Tylers long face to realize the end had come. Kate had left the building! I am veklempt, saddened and BLOW AWAY how quickly and well recieved this beer was and is no longer on tap. The bottles (900 hand filled!) were sold out in less than 6 hours! The 5 barrels on draught lasted all of 4 days, I hope people were able to try Kate. This years version was as good as ever but would really improve with a little more aging. I would imagine another 6 months will make her shine. We are already planning for the next batch. I might have a little more cloaking on this batch and have the black beauty in stealth garb ’til just before release. Peter, Tyler, Brennen and I will discuss. As far beers to look forward to we will be releasing our Imperial IPA in about amother two weeks and then next up will be our double Witt. Tyler what is next on your radar screen? As always the beers on tap at the brewery are constantly in flux. Well that’s all I’ve got for now. Cheers! todm