Hello all,

I take a day off and look what happens!

So the Blueberry kicked, so you are going to have to wait for next year if you missed it. But to keep you all happy (you too NFLBrew) we are getting the Kolsch into a serving tank this morning. So we are going to have our first fall beer of the year on. For those who dont know about the Kolsch style it is a German ale that is traditionally made in the Cologne region of Germany. It is an ale that is fermented at slightly cooler temps then our other ales and then we lager (cold age) the beer. This makes it a nice a fruity version of a German style beer, but still having the crisp clean finish you expect from a German beer.

The Cask changed to the 5 C’s with Nugget. I have yet to try it but when Tod pulled it though yesterday he had to have a glass of it because it was that good.

And just a heads up the 5 C’s is getting low so if you haven’t had a chance to get some, GET IN HERE!