Hey all,

We put on the Dirty Hop Blonde on Sunday. This beer is almost the same recipe as the regular dirty Blonde. Though we took out the whirlpool hops and replaced them with 13#’s of freshly picked hops from Strawberry Banke. They have had these hops growing on their property for who knows how long as an ornamental plant. We just found out about them last year too late to use them, so we made sure to keep an eye on them this year. John Forti was nice enough to get a bunch of the employees from Strawberry Bakne to join him in the picking party, and he ran them over as soon as they were done. They are very similar to the hops we used in our Hop Harvest I, an old school British hop grown in the US for many years. They add a nice hoppy earthy resin flavor to the Dirty Blonde. Defiantly worth a try.

Other news the Pumpkin and the Le Chat Noir are both getting very low. They are going to be replaced by the Rye Not and the Milk Stout respectfully. These are the same recipes that we won our medals from GABF this year. So keep and eye out for those going on tap!