Libeeration: a fun beer, light in color and flavor, with notes reminiscent of the eight different herbs and flowers that are brewed into it. This beer, however, is more than just another cleverly crafted brew. It stands for something bigger; it encourages the largely male dominated craft beer industry to engage in a conversation about celebrating women throughout all stages of life.

On Wednesday, October 5th, The Portsmouth Brewery introduced a new beer to our taps. Libeeration, the brainchild of Creative Director and co-owner of The Portsmouth Brewery Joanne Francis and Head Brewer Matt Gallagher, made its debut in a big way at our release party. This beer is designed with menopausal women in mind due to the fact that herbalists commonly use the beer’s eight herbs and flowers (Motherwort, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Stinging Nettle, Mugwort, Rose, Chickweed, and Damiana) for women undergoing hormone shifts. Our patio and adjoining rooms were completely packed as beer drinkers, men and women alike, became “libeerated.”

Francis and Gallagher have created Libeeration as a unique way to empower women. A glass or bottle of Libeeration is a tangible piece of history that reminds us that women, specifically those in their 50s and 60s, are both important customers and avid beer drinkers. In fact, they are so important that they deserve their own kind of beer that is tailored towards their individual needs as women experiencing menopause.

Joanne Francis explains some of the reasoning behind this project: “we want to shift the mentality from focusing on the negative aspects of this stage in life, to celebrating the liberating aspects! Fun, crazy, wildly different that was our goal to reach women who truly know what it means to be hot!” In short, Libeeration helps women come to terms with, and embrace, their own change of life. It allows them to take their power back and find new ways to enjoy and celebrate being a woman of a certain age.

It is important that Libeeration brings the topic of menopause to the forefront and catalyzes a dialogue about it. This de-stigmatizes the way some perceive menopause, and even offers some relief to those who are experiencing its symptoms. So, we tip our hats to Gallagher and Francis for their new forward-thinking brew.

Although we can’t make any claims that two or three or four of these beers will cure menopause, we can say with confidence that it will taste pretty damn great.

Try “Libeeration” on draft in our brewpub or snag a couple bottles in our retail store while it lasts!