Hey all,

We are going to be getting a couple of kegs of Smuttynose’s short batch of Lindz in soon.  We will be one of the spots precipitating in the statewide tapping in memory of our good friend Lindsey Altshul on Oct 18th.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Lindsey I think Smuttynose blog post sums it up pretty well.  Everyone has their memory/story of Lindsey and his passing was sad for many of us.  He will always hold a special spot in my life.  Not only because he was the man who handed my wife her engagement ring at Pepperland Cafe for me.  But his friendship and love for quality food and drink made me realize that i didn’t just want to be a brewer for a living –  I wanted to make the highest of quality beer I possibly could for a living!  You are missed Lindz.

Tyler Jones