Hey all,

So even though the weather doesn’t feel that way, summer is coming. One of the signs i look for is how often our tap line up changes, and it is happening quickly. So here is the run down.

The 09′ Wheatwine changed over to Sierra Nevada Bigfoot that we were sitting on for 6 months or so. We only have a couple of kegs so be ready for a switch on that line sooner then later.

The Cream Ale is now gone and was replaced by a Black IPA. “Black IPA? What is that?” Well i am glad you asked. There is this great German malt called CaraFa II. It is a dehusked, high roasted malt that gives great color with out the roast flavor. So add some of this to our IPA recipe, changed the hopping slightly. BAM! You have a dark beer with the body and hop character of an IPA. Again I made a small batch of this just to see how it would be received.

To keep the IPA trend alive, the Whipper Snapper was replaced with the Imperial IPA. The Imperial IPA is on the other end of the IPA spectrum from the Whipper. Big, bold and hoppy. enjoy.


PS I almost forgot to mention that if you missed out on some hop rhizomes we have them back in stock in the store. We have Centennial, Cascade and Glacier that you can grow at your house.