We’re constantly at work behind the scenes, making improvements and updating equipment to ensure we continue to bring you the finest food and craft beer going. You don’t even notice 99% of what we do. Every so often, we have a 1% project you will notice, like the time we rebuilt our draft system a few years ago and shut down for about a day and a half.

There’s another 1% project coming up and we want to let you know how it’s affects our schedule.

We’ll be ending food and drink service at 5pm on Sunday, April 26 and are scheduled to re-open at 11:30am, as usual, on Thursday, April 30. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in your brew-pubbing plans, but we don’t have a choice in this matter. There’s no way we can operate normally during this work.

The Retail Store will still be open from 10am-6pm during this stretch. Cassia’s crack team of retail specialists will be able to take your phone calls, sell you bottles of beer or t-shirts and take reservations. Please stop in and say hello; they’ll be glad to see you.

Any changes to this schedule will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as here.

In the meantime, please visit some of the other Seacoast breweries if you’ve got a hankering for fresh beer. Smuttynose, 7th Settlement, RedHook, Earth EagleTributary, Beara, Throwback, Stoneface, Garrison City and Blue Lobster will all be glad to pour you a beer.

We’ll see you soon at 56 Market, just not early next week!