Greetings beer lovers,
 It’s been a little while since we’ve had our red ale on and what better time than this upcoming patriotic holiday to celebrate the birth of our nation than with a Red ale?? For those of you who have not indulged in Murphy’s Law it is a red ale brewed in the style of an Irish red…… meaning it is a malt forward full flavored ale with just enough hops to balance the malt character out.  We try to have our Red, Wit(white) and Bluebeery  on for the Fourth of July holiday. Looks like we’ll be a wee bit ahead of schedule but the supply should last thru the 4th. So, so long to the Hefeweizen and we’ll be seeing you again before we move into the fall line up…… can you believe we’re already looking towards the fall? But with the Hefe going away and the Murphy’s Law on we’re just waiting for Bluebeery to make it’s appearance. Shouldn’t be too long now as it looks like the Saison is down to a little less than a barrel left. Do enjoy it before it is gone.   On a last note, we’re going to try Sunday 11th beer special one more time this Sunday with an interesting hop bomb from our friends at Sixpoint. We’ve finally received some Resin. Here is what the folks at Sixpoint have to say about this crazy beer: 9.1 %ABV,103 IBU ….

Whatever flames upon the night.
Man’s own resinous heart has fed.
A beer that celebrates the extraction of hop resin for a concentrated yet balanced brew.
Come on in for a Resin on Sunday. Cheers! Todm