Mussels are one of the most popular dishes we offer. Whether you order our Brewhouse mussels with roma tomatoes, garlic, oregano and butter or the Spicy Curry style with coconut milk, lemongrass and spicy chili sauce, we always serve the freshest mussels from Prince Edward Island. Most folks will tell you that they’re about the best ones around.

I’m sorry to tell you all that we’re going to have a mussels shortage starting sometime this weekend. We’ve had a bad winter here in New Hampshire, but so has Prince Edward Island. It’s been bad enough to freeze a lot of these coveted bivalves and interrupt our supply.

There were two options. We could temporarily be out of mussels, or we could serve frozen ones. Well, that really means there’s only one option, so when we run out of the last 100 pounds we have in house, that’ll be it until supplies become available again. We expect that might be the middle of next week.

I’m sorry if you’re inconvenienced by this choice, but it’s very important to me to serve the best mussels we can and not cut corners. We’ll be sure to to let you know here and through social media when they’re available again.

In the meantime, don’t forget to make your reservations to the Boucherie social on March 11! It’ll be a seated dinner that you’ll only want to miss if you don’t eat meat.

See you soon at 56 Market!