Greetings beer lovers,

There have been a few changes as of late and one of the new beers we brought on is Righteous Rye from Six Point Brewery out of Brooklyn NY. The Righteous is a strong pale ale weighing in at 7.2% abv with between 51 to 54 IBU’s!! Not exactly a pale ale but righteous in it own sense. Big and strong flavors led by the rye malt and hops lend to a perfect winter ale. Check it next to our Winter Rye and see the difference between the two styles….. we did not use as many hops but we incorporated more rye. Two great rye ales on tap at P-Brew now. And speaking of new beers on tap we have replaced our Wheatwine with our Belgian style Tripel. Going from 9.9% abv down to 9% abv was a small price to pay for a truly fruity aromatic (like Juicy Fruit gum) Triple brewed with authentic Belgian ingredients such as yeast, malt and candi syrup. This fine ale has a sweet upfront flavor with a medium mouth-feel followed by a spicy peppery flavor brought on by the unique yeast the beer was fermented with. Lastly we replaced the Coffee Milk Stout with our good old standby Oatmeal Stout. Over 100 pounds of both malted and flaked oats add the softness that quells the acrid flavor usually associated with the high roasted malts used in making stouts. Well that’s all for now. Don’t forget to come on in for the Sunday special 11th beer line up which will be Six Point’s Sweet Action. There might even be some folks mingling down in the Lapanza Lounge during the big game tomorrow along with some tasty treats! Go Pats! Cheers! Todm