Hey all

We gave our Intern (who now is a part time brewer here for the summer) Zach Bodah a green light to make his first cask conditioned beer. He chose to use our OBD and add toasted oak chips that were soaked in Dalwhinnie Scotch. It went on last night and it is great! So you need to get in here Zach to give it a whirl before it is gone. Secondly, the OBD kicked last night just as we were leaving. So I came in nice and early today to clean sanitize and purge a serving tank and I am now transferring the Old Brown Dog so it will be on in a matter of minutes.

Now the word on the Portsmouth Brewery Old Brown Dog. As most of you know by coming in and reading this blog this has been one of the busiest summers on record for the Portsmouth brewery. We have been running out of beer faster then we can make it (in most cases). So we decided to bring in Smuttynose Old Brown Dog for the rest of the summer to free up a fermentation vessel and serving tank(s). This will hopefully allow us to keep more of our seasonal on tap and be able to give them the time they need to finish correctly. So the batch of Portsmouth OBD that I am transferring right now will be the last for a few months. We will be getting in the Smuttynose Tap handles when it changes over and I will update the What’s on Tap section of the blog to keep you guys in the know!