Hey all,

You we not messing around finishing up the Pumpkin. I guess you were all excited for the Rye Not, and “rye not” be excited it is a delectable beer.

Rye malt has an extreme high Beta-glucans (long chain/branched starch molecules) content. These beta-glucans are extremely hard for the enzymes in the mash to break down. Thus leaving behind a lot of unfermentable sugars as well as shorter chain beta-glucans. Both of these are what give the Rye not such a unique mouth feel. Very close to the mouth coating character of say a Oatmeal stout, but with a totally different malt flavor.

Man, re-reading my previous paragraph I geeked out on you guys for a bit. I guess what i was really trying to say is that you need to come on in and try one.

Mmmm, Glayvin!