Well greetings beer lovers, Todm here wishing you a very hoppy Saturday. As it turns out the Baltic Porter held its own for a few days allowing us a wee bit more time for the milk stout to conditions. I have just finished the transfer and have been “polishing up” the CO2 level to make this lovely beer presentable! Should be on by 2:00 PM. As far as things in the works we have lots of pokers in the fire tempering just so. But I do want you to know we’ve got WheatWine almost ready, for when the Bigfoot kicks. For those of you at the Beer VS. Wine dinner you had a sneak preview of the Wheat Wine which we added some dried apricots to to bring the complexity level up one notch. It was quite tasty! The IMP. IPA is coming along nicely and looks like it will be dry-hopped with a massive amount of Warrior/Nugget/Simcoe and Columbus! WHOA!! Be on the lookout for this gnaurghly elixir in mid April, as well as the Weizenbock and Springtime Saison. I am still waiting patiently for these two to come around and it looks like another week or two for both. Well, I’ve got to put on the milk stout to get the bartenders off my back. Cheers! and good drinking. Todm