Hey all,

So sorry for the delay on the post Kate day leaves a wake of things to do around the brewery that you would right home about. Thank you all who made the trip out on Monday and I hope you all had a great time.

Now i have gathered together the pieces, we are back up and running full bore! The tap line up changed tremendously in the past few days. We put on Bottle Rocket IPA and Imperial IPA alongside Kate on Monday. Kate lasted until 6:02pm, but the Rocket and Impy are still pouring happily and deliciously. So all of you waiting for the Bottle Rocket IPA to be back on, its time! We did make double batches of both of them so we are hoping that they will last for a little bit of time. Lagunitas Pils is pouring along side your favorites from Smuttynose. Which was a great aperitif as well as a great complement to Imp IPA farther down the tap line. We have a Belgian golden, which is almost a Abby single, but a little higher in alcohol and a bit more hoppy in the finish, but still very delicious. We have that on cask right at this second with some green peppercorns, but it is soon to kick and move to a ESB with Earl Gray Tea.

There is many great beer options happing right now and it is going to be hard to choose just one beer to get your lips around. So have two!