Greetings beer lovers,
My friend and famous beer scribe, Horst Dornbusch, has been researching a recipe for an Egyptian ale and came to me and asked if I would be interested in collaborating with him on Osiris . I always jump at the opportunity to brew a new beer. This reddish ale is quite similar to a gruit in that is has almost no hops and was spiced with herbs. In the case of Osiris we used some ginger along with dates and honey. The malt used was some floor malted pis as well as some floor malted wheat and some malted spelt. The colored malts used were some crystal malt as well as some dark malts namely some chocolate spelt and some high temp kilned dark crystal de-husked malts. The beer drinks incredibly cleanly like no other beer I have had! It has a touch of malt up front but is not sweet and then finishes remarkably dry. It is as if one is drinking an iced tea like drink but it is in fact a beer at 4.8% abv. What did the Pharos say “To Life” Cheers! Todm