Well 1999+11=2010. The artist formally know as, who now changed his name back to, Prince is still in all of our hearts. Is the decade we are entering called the 10’s? Or do we have to add the two thousand and 10’s? I’m so confused.

Well, since the blue moon happening tonight, which is changing peoples moods, the beer has to change as well!

The Sierra Celebration has been replaced by our 5 C’s IPA! For those of you following the blog that have never had the 5 C’s, it is our version of a “west coast” IPA. Citrusy, bold and delicious.

The Winter Rye is gone but is replaced by our Munich Dunkel. This is a beer that Tod though up after visiting Germany a few months back. It is a Dark (Dunkel) German lager. It’s one if the few lagers we are able to do, and this one got all the time it needed in cold condition. It has some nice sweet biscuit flavors with a smooth finish of a lager. It pairs so nicely with the Brat-Burger on the new brewers table… Yumm.

And of course the cask changed as well. We just put on a Black Cat stout dry hopped with Bravo. Bravo is a hybrid of Nugget and Zeus, so it has the the flavor intensity of both with a combo of the spicy/pungent aroma of the mother hops.

Happy New Year!