Hey all,

Wanted to see how many of you out there are making it to the Passport event held at the Strawbery Banke this weekend.  I will be there Pouring a Fruit Gruit cask.  Plus we will be having the new beer of the Kentucky Common Ale making it first look into the world.  This 4.5% abv light bodied brown ale is one of the few true American styles.  This beer stems from the American bourbon makers wanting to have something to drink while they wait for their bourbon to age.  You take a sour mash Rye whiskey malt bill and rather then just distilling it off, you boil it adding hops and ferment it out with an ale yeast.  This beer has hints of the soured malt flavor up front with a malty/spicy mouth feel from the Rye malt with hints of Oak that take over the flavor in the finish.

We will be serving it with some  Cheese puffs stuffed with Goat cheese mouse and topped with a stout/raspberry reduction.  Should be fun to see how the goat cheese flavor and the sour malt flavor play with each over all with the sweetness of the malt and the raspberry/stout reduction smooths it all out in the finish.  Yum.