Every Tuesday, we celebrate Community Pint Day at Portsmouth Brewery. It’s our way to pay forward some of the good fortune we’ve received through the democratic process of you all voting for one of our four non-profits with your wooden tokens.

In the aftermath of the 2015 Nepal earthquake, we’ve turned all four of our options to the Red Cross International Council’s disaster relief. With nearly 8,000 deaths, over 17,000 injuries and an estimated 1.7 million children driven out into the open with no shelter or other resources, this decision really made itself. We’ll be collecting for the Red Cross through the end of June.

Of course, we had to remove four excellent non-profits from the boxes to make room for the Red Cross. Arts in Reach, Save One Animal Rescue and Seacoast Velokids and New Generation will receive the donations that have already been made during April AND they’ll go back on the boxes for the entire third quarter.

In the meantime, please stop by on Tuesday and join us in doing good while drinking well.