Hey all,

Make sure to carve a frowny faced jack-o-lantern because the Portsmouth Brewery’s Pumpkin Ale is gone for the season. We replaced it with the Smoked Dunkelweizen. This beer features house apple wood smoked malt that comes trough right at the end of the swallow to enhance the phenolic characteristics that the Dunkelweizen already has. This is a great food paring beer, since you can use the malt sweetness to help quell any spicy food you might be enjoying, and the smoky/phenolic flavor and aromas go amazingly with grilled meats.

But don’t you fret if you are a gourde beer lover, we still have a few tricks up our sleeves. The Saison d’Automne,that was made with Butternut squash, is conditioning and will be ready in a few more weeks. Plus Dogfish Head’s Punkin’ale should be walking tough the door any minute now to replace the next beer that will kick.

I know you are going to start to see the winter beers hit the shelves soon at you local supermarket/bodega. Fight the machine! Fall beers are what we want to drink now! And will be fore a few more months 🙂