Greetings beer lovers,
Tod here on a nice mellow Saturday. Some items that are going on around here are we brewed a strong golden Belgian ale with our friend from Smuttynose Brewing, Charlie Ireland. We’re trying to get a name together for this beer and we’re playing with the Goulden type theme. Perhaps we’ll run a “name the beer contest” for American Beer Week (see further down the page) Other brewing news is the India Black Ale is conditioning nicely and quite tasty already although it is only 7 days old! The Pils we brewed with Cornelius Faust is now in conditioning, too, and is so crisp and bright!I am going to let it mature for another 4 weeks…… patients is essential with lager beers. We put in another batch of Milk Stout on Thurs. The Wheat Wine is still tasting a bit young so we’ll be waiting for it to come around. But we do have a wee bit more of the aged Wheat Wine to bring out for American Craft Beer Week. Speaking of American Craft Beer Week, we have a few things we’ll be doing to promote what it is we do here. For example we’ll be having a raffle to brew with Tyler and I for a day. We’ll also have daily food specials paired with our beer and perhaps some interesting older beers might make appearances! We’ll be having brewery tours every day at 1:00 and 3:00 PM And lastly we’ll be having a beer social where we can meet and greet with some delicious food and beer pairings. Totally casual and flexible. Be sure to sign our “Declaration of Beer Independence” poster sometime during the week of May 17th thru the 23rd (right around the bend!). That’s about all I’ve got for now so do drop in during American Craft Beer Week to show your independence and individuality.Cheers! Todm