So, it looks like Tyler arrived safely in San Diego…..and had to change into his shorts. Lucky guy! As luck would have it our weather here on the Seacoast has been quite favorable for wearing shorts as well! In fact I think it might even hit 70 degrees today. Needless to say it is quite hot in the brewery and I, too, am in my shorts!! With all this beauteous weather heading our way we’ll be looking at some crisp refreshing beers to come along in the not to distant future. One of my favorites is our Lupes Wild Thang which utilizes he nutty character of wild rice and the cherry-like character of Sterling hops. We’ll be playing around with a few Hefeweizens as well as our Weizenheimer and Thaizenheimer. The latter being our Thai influenced wheat beer with the addition of Kaffir lime leaves, ginger and lemongrass. YUM!! But we still have to deal with the reality that is New England. It could snow tomorrow! and we’d have to be ready for anything so that is why we have our Scotch ale in the wings just getting better as we wind our way thru spring. That’s all for now. Cheers! Tod