Todm here on Sat. the 28th of Feb. Can you believe we are already through Feb.?? Where does the time go…. and for that matter where did all the 5 C’s go?!? We just put the 5C’s on a week ago Thurs. and we are already below the one barrel mark! Slow the pace down!! How are we to keep up with your demand when we can hardly keep up the supply? We are brewing as fequently as possible. We just put in a double batch of Baltic Porter (yum!) and a new twist on our summertime Saison we are calling our Printemps (French for Springtime) Saison. Both need a bit of time to mellow ( read: 4 weeks at least for the Porter and 6 weeks for the Saison). I hope we can hold off long enough for the fine ales to come to maturity. We do have some tasty brews we just put on like the Winter Weizen and the oxymoron beer a dark light called, of all things, British Mild. The mild is an authentic session ale with huge quaffability with light body and lovely chocolate notes in the palette. The Winter Weizen is an authentic German Hefeweizen with banana and clove aromatics and a crisp tart flavor with a medium body. Both are light in their hops so all you hop (knuckle)heads will probably be asking when the next installment of 5C’s will be coming out! We will be working on two hoppy beers for the springtime; American Mild and an Imperial IPA. Be patient! Cheers! Todm