Hey all,

So we had the Smoked Dunkelweizen and the Scotch Ale both go on tap.  Both of these beers have some house smoked malt in them.  Why take the time to house smoke the malt when you can buy smoked malt?  I’m glad you asked.  The bulk of the smoked malt you can buy out there is Beechwood smoked malt.  Yes that is the same wood that Bud uses in their fermentation tanks.  If you have ever had a traditional Rauchbier you know how sharp and aggressive the beechwood smoke flavor comes though in those beers.  When we smoked our malt we used a blend of Apple wood and Maple this year.  This change give the smoke flavor a much more sweet and round smoke flavor. W e used the bulk of the smoked male in the Smoked Dunkelweizen.  But we did save back a few pounds to add to the Scotch Ale for some complexity. The roundness of the smoke flavor makes both of these beers amazing food pairing beers with any grilled meat, bacon and savory dishes  Hope you guys enjoy!