Greetings beer lovers,
 Can you believe Market Square Day is already upon us?? I can’t believe May has come and gone already and here is June!! GET READY FOR A QUICK SUMMER!  So, we enjoyed the Torpedo from Sierra Nevada for the month of May but it is time to bring back the Finest Kind IPA from our brethren Smuttynose. With the addition of Finest Kind we are also running some Tuckermans Headwall Alt for the first two weeks of June and following it with Tucks Pale ale to finish up the month. Here is what the folks at Tuckermans have to say about the Alt – “In 2005, the Headwall Alt was introduced. This is traditional style of altbeir from Düsseldorf, Germany. Alt literally means old in German. Staying as true to the recipe as possible, the Headwall Alt is brewed using German malts, plus German and American hops. Like the Pale Ale, the Headwall Alt is cold conditioned, dry-hopped and krausened in the bottle or keg. Similar to the Pale Ale, the process takes about 30 days”.  We are working on some special kegs for July which I have not gotten confirmation on as of yet but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for some special beer.  We are gearing up for an active summer season and we have a Hefe, Wit and a Saison along wit lots of Dirty Blonde ready to go along with a great pale ale called Wild Thang made with wild rice. This is a rather unique beer as it has a very fruity aromatic created by the alchemy of the hops, Sterling, and wild rice. The beer has a cherry-like aroma, a medium body and a crisp hoppy finish. You’ll just have to wait a few more weeks as Wild Thang just went into high gear fermentation last night. We’ll that’s all for now. Cheers! Todm