Greetings beer lovers,
 Looks like we’re starting to move some beer around and we’ve changed a couple of items. The Belgian style Wit bier has passed thru the system and we have replaced the Wit with our German  style Weiss beer or Hefeweizen. Clove and banana esters waft thru your olfactory glands and present you with a complex yet light offering. We are about the move from the Tuckermans Alt beer to their Pale ale which will make changes with the Shoals. When the “Tucks” Alt beer goes away the Old Brown Dog will come back to the taps probably this weekend. And speaking of this week end it looks like well be pouring a log of Smuttynose Wheat wine for our 11th tap beer. On top of a stellar New England sunshine weekend I have a challenge you folks:  Do some damage on that Wheat Wine and have a great Sunday while you are at it!! Cheers! Todm