Hey all,

So for all of you Project X fans out there I am sorry to say that the X w/ Cascade is gone.  Hope you got some while it lasted.  Now to please the Sour Beer fans out there…

The Sour Brune has hit the taps!  We did a sour Kettle with this batch, similar to pHunkin but using different bugs.  With the pHunkin we used strictly Latco which gives you that great topical fruit aromatic with a big puckering sour.  For the Brune we used a blend of Lacto, Pedio and Brett and let it sour the kettle for longer then normal… and I’m loving the results.  The Tropical fruit of the lacto is still there, but there is other funky/earthy flavor and aromatics that the pHunkin didn’t have. 

This beer is worth a try!