Hey all,

Red Sox are beating up on the Yankees and it is getting warm out, must be spring time. So the XX bitter has been replaced with our Saison de Printemps. This is a spring time (printemps in French) Saison that has a little bit more of the spicy Belgian note than the fruity. Plus the addition of a little more wheat malt in the profile makes it a bit dryer as well. I hope you all enjoy this one.

Secondly the cask has changed over to the other ESB with Sovereign. The cask has a nice subtle earthiness that fades to a slight spiciness in the finish. I am liking this cask a little better then the last cask.

I wish I heard about this earlier and I would have let you know. But yesterday up at Novare Res they had a Cantillon and Brasserie de la Senne night. I met Jean and Yvan the head brewers of Cantillon and De la Senne respectively, plus they had 5 Cantillon’s and 2 De la senne beers on tap. It is worth a call up to see if they are still there and get up there ASAP to give them a whirl. Totally worth the 45 min drive to Portland, in my opinion anyway 🙂