I was hoping that if I said it enough times, it would finally show up! The promise of spring was the biggest influence on our new Weekly Specials menu, which will be available starting April 6.


For me, peas are one of the most evocative spring vegetables. I love everything involving peas, whether it’s pea shoots, sweet English peas, pea pureé, pea tendrils…you get the idea! You’ll also see the idea when you look at this new menu. Our “Meatless Monday” special (above) features peas two ways- sweet pea puree and fresh pea shoots to add fresh highlights to the large ricotta and egg yolk-stuffed house ravioli with mint pesto.


Don’t worry, we’re using other spring flavors besides peas! Whether it is the Duck Wellington (Thursdays, above left) with mustard cream sauce or the Rack of Lamb with a hunter’s sauce (Fridays, above right), you’ll find something new to fall in love with. If you don’t eat meat, try the vegetarian Wellington, filled with eggplant and roasted red peppers.

We will also be featuring two classic Southern sandwiches; The Kentucky Hot Brown (created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville in 1926) on Tuesdays and the Oyster Po’Boy (a Louisiana classic) on Saturdays. We have created a meatless version of the Hot Brown featuring grilled portobello mushrooms and zucchini.


Wednesday’s Udon Noodle Bowl comes with shaved beef or tamari-ginger tofu for protein options, but both highlight a variety of fresh vegetables in rich flavorful broths. Each bowl will come with a side of sliced jalapenos and fresh basil. We plan to feature fresh veggies where we can, so you’ll be able to enjoy the best of what’s available.


Last but not least, the new Comfort Food Sunday dish will take you right back to your childhood. That’s right, we’re making Beef Stroganoff and Mushroom Stroganoff! We start with naturally-raised beef and slow-braise it with fresh mushrooms in a rich beef stock before we lovingly ladle it over buttered egg noodles and top it with a dollop of sour cream. It’s so good, your high school lunch lady will cry!

Chef Dez, Chef Steve and the rest of culinary team are super excited about this menu and we hope that you will join us here at the Brewery over the next three months and try all of the new dishes out!

We’ll see you soon at 56 Market!

Chef Jon