Hello all,

This is Tyler Jones the assistant brewer at the Portsmouth Brewery, I am all set up and will be posting a blog from time to time so keep an eye out for up coming events and news from here.

Last night Tod and I attending the Stout and Porter Dinner at Redbones in Summerville MA. Great beer bar, and a little anniversary for me. Last year on my first day of work here, Tod, half way through the day said, “You want to go to the stout and porter dinner at Redbones?” Of course I said yes and it was the best first day of work I have ever had. This year did not disappoint either. We brought out Baltic Porter and the Oatmeal Stout and they both went over very well with the insane amount of BBQ that was consumed. Will Meyers from The Cambridge Brewing Company brought his Chocolate Chipolte Porter and LuvBuzz Espresso Stout. The New England salesman, Allen, from Dogfishead was there as well, handing out their Chicory Stout and the World Wide Stout. It is fun to have our beers outside the brew pub. They seem to taste that much better because we are not in the mind set to critique every sip. Plus being able to compare our beers to other top-notch beers and having them stand up in every way is great.

That’s all for now