Hey all,

One Keg of Kate sends ripples through the brewery. I want to congratulate the person who got to try Kate for the first time. That is really why we do the surprise random release of a keg here and there. To give some one who has never tried it the out of the blue chance to give it a whir, and of course to let the locals beable to enjoy a glass sitting at the bar and relaxing like the old days. So, along with the Kate kicking in the 2.5 hours is lasted on tap, the Wit and the Bottle Rocket IPA kicked yesterday too.

So here is the new beer line up. Bottle Rocket was replaced with one long of Smuttynose Robust Porter (while it lasts) and it will soon be changing to the Smuttynose IPA. The Wit changed to the Weizenheimer. Plus we put on 5 C’s IPA to replace the Kate line. So if you haven’t been here in 24 hours we have almost a full change on the beer line up!