The Social season is back!

The first social is set to kick off next week with Two Fungi Walk Into a Bar. The thought process behind this social took off from the love of mushrooms that the entire Chef’s team have. It also doesn’t hurt that our Head Brewer Matt is an avid mushroom lover himself. He’s known to bring us special goodies from the forests after a rainstorm.

The menu is going to feature a wide variety of mushrooms, some of which will be from Matt’s personal collection that he harvested and dried for us. We will also be featuring mushrooms from New Hampshire Mushroom Company. We feel as though the menu speaks for itself, but we are going to showcase mushrooms and the many different ways that you can prepare and eat them. Mushrooms are such a great item to cook with; they have an incredible depth of flavor that pairs nicely with other foods and of course beers. The menu is as follows:

Opener: Mushroom duxelle and escargot vol-au-vent

Course 1: Pumpkin and Squash soup with house pancetta and mushrooms

Meatless option: made with out pancetta

Course 2: Pan seared Bear’s Head mushroom with a celery root puree, frisee salad tossed in a lemon truffle vinaigrette

Course 3: Mushroom dusted venison with a mushroom ragu and sweet potato shoe- string fries

Meatless option: Mushroom dusted roasted cauliflower

Dessert: Chaga tea served with local honey scones

We are extremely excited to get the social season kicked off with a bang. Don’t forget, you can buy a season pass and come to all six socials for a 20% discount. We also have a three-pack option that you can choose from. Pick three different socials for a 15% discount.

Either way the Chef’s, Brewers and myself really hope to see you on Wednesday, November 18th!

– Chef Jon