Hey all,

So the Black IPA is gone and was loved by all. So we decided that we have “garde”ed the Biere de Garde long enough and are going to put it on today! Biere de Garde is a really interesting style. Traditionally were brewed in the colder months in France so the yeast they used, Belgian strain, was a little more consistent flavor profile. Because as most of you probably know Belgian yeast produce many esters during fermentation which dramatically change the flavor of the beer. So with a Belgian yeast stain fermented a bit cooler then traditional Belgian beers, this will cut back a bit on the big fruity/spicy flavors you would normally get off the yeast. Then this beer was lagered (Garde au Frances) for almost a month before we put it on. Which is really going to clean up the finish on this beer. So basically it is an easy drinking French/Belgian style where the fruity/spiciness is really mellowed out.

Though if you want a crazy Belgian beer we do have Allagash Curieux on tap. Which is their Triple aged in Bourbon barrels. Dangerously drinkable at 10% abv!