Hey all,

So the holiday weekend is always a blur for me. Went to my parents house for x-mas eve then drove to my fiancee’s parents house x-mas afternoon. Then we got stuck in CT for an extra night because of the “Blizzard of 2010”. Connecticut did get around two feet of the white and fluffy. That translated to NH snow is about ten feet! Though over all Santa was a good to me this year.

So with all the hustle and bustle that I experienced it still didn’t keep people away from the Portsmouth Brewery. I returned to work to find the Saision l’hiver and the Holidaze Porter both gone, and the Scotch and Black Cat stout about to kick. So with some scrambling, fancy footwork and a little bit of magic here are the new beers on tap.

We have the Milk Stout on replacing the Black Cat. The lactose sugar really rounds out the acrid flavors and sweetens this beer up very nicely. We put on a Dunkleweizen to replace the Holidaze Porter. No smoke malt in this dunkel so you get a little bit of rostyness to play with the clove flavors of the Hefe yeast we used. Now that the Saison l’hiver is gone (sad face) we brought out our Winter Weizen. This winter version of our summer Hefeweizen has the nice banana and clove flavors in it with a bigger body and more alcohol. Last, but not least, the Scotch Ale is gone and we brought in a couple of kegs of Aged Wheat Wine (brewed in March of 2010) to tide us over to let the Black IPA finish conditioning.

Whoa! Try to say that all in one breath. I am exhausted just thinking about it.

cheers to a great 2010 and a better 2011!