Hey all,

They holiday season is always a crazy time for the Portsmouth brewery as well as me personally.  But with it all the shopping done, holiday party’s attended and unwanted gifts most likely returned by now we can get back to the business of making some Beer!

Over the weekend we the British lost some hold on our tap line up.  Both the English Mild and the ESB kicked.  We have put on a great German Lager in the Munich Dunkel and the next iteration in the Project X series, this one has Cascade all the way through.

The Munich Dunkel is divine!  The crystal malt sweetness hits you first and almost takes over the tongue.  Then just when the thought of the beer becoming cloying almost develops you get some nice toasted cracker flavors reminisce of an Oktoberfest that finishes super clean and refreshing as a lager should.

The new Project X reminds me of a saying I heard a few years back about the thought of opening a brewpub in the 90’s.  “All you need is a 7bbl system and cascade hops!”  Cascade is the O.G. Mother Hop of so many of the new huge alpha, west coast, IPA hops that everyone is using these days.  Some times its nice to remember the good old days.  This X come off with a great Grapefruit peel citrus notes with some slight spiciness.  The higher then normal Beta acids comes though with that little aggressive finish to the beer.

Hope you guys enjoy.