Hey all,

I apologize for not getting to all of these changes sooner, but I was away for the weekend at my girlfriend’s brothers wedding. Don’t you worry I was a dancing machine. Ride that Pony!

About the beer, we have to say good buy to a couple of favorites the Pumpkin Ale as well as the Hop Harvest two. Going to have to drink the Bottle rocket now all you hop heads out there. With these beers going quickly left us down two taps. Hence us bringing in Moat Mountain Weiss, which will bring back memories of summer as you sip this light wheat beer. But don’t you worry we have plenty of beers in the works, just not any that are quite ready yet. I am getting pumped since this is one of my favorite beer seasons. Big bold interesting beers coming left and right, Scotch ale, Barley wine, winter rye, YUM! I am interested to see how the Winter Rye comes out too. I wasn’t here for the brewing of it. Tod and Zach took care of it over the weekend while I was away. But I hear it has a Belgian yeast strain in it. So we will have to wait and have a Smoked Dunkelweizen in the mean time 🙂

The cask has changed and is almost out. The current cask is our Blonde with the addition of Stinging Nettle and Licorice Root. Which adds a nice spicy herbal note to the beer. When that goes we have a Blonde with Yarrow that I don’t know what it tastes like since I have never used it before. So again we will have to have an ALTernator and wait this one out too.

See ya all in soon for a pint!