Hey all,

I know that you have been asking your bartenders over and over when the 5 C’s is going to be out. Well the wait is over, it is on! For those out there that are new to this blog, the 5 C’s IPA is our version of a west coast IPA. The west coast IPA’s are much more hop forward and more often then not big citrus hop flavor and aroma. I have yet to pull the 5 C’s through the beer line, but I am sure this batch wont disappoint.

I’m going to be Crystal clear on this. You can hold me under Cascade-ing water but i am not going to give away what the 5 C’s stand for since it usually becomes a trivia question for the Jimmy Lapanza Lounge (JLL). I am holding on to my information until the next Centennial starts. I would only divulge the information if Christopher Columbus came in to give me a Chinook salmon. So if you can ever figure out what the 5 C’s stand for you could get the trivia correct tonight.

So, we are only going to have 4 IPA’s on for a day or two. We are on our last keg of Stone IPA. So it could kick today or tomorrow at some point. But when it does summer can officially start. We are replacing it with the first batch of Weizenheimer. This is our summer wheat ale. Easy drinking, crisp and refreshing. A great hot summer day thirst quencher. Our sous-chef, Jon Hebert, is very excited since he has been asking for this beer since Sam Summer came out. Which was, oh, about 3 months ago. You know their “summer” seasonal comes out in late February, makes total sense.