Hey all,

It is minuets away from being 24 hours left until Kate makes her debut. Captain Hook is twitching as the clock is ticking down. I want to apologize on the lack of posting I have been doing lately, we are getting super busy around here. I mean we have been bottling for 4 straight days to get the 900 bottles ready for tomorrow! Luckily our intern Zach Bodah starts the first of the month so we will be getting an extra set of hands in here for the summer.

Another adventure we had was the American Craft Brewers Festival in Boston last weekend. The festival went over very well and there was a great showing of great breweries from around the country. I don’t want to make you jealous so I wont list all the breweries that were there, but it was a great time. We brought our IPA, Saison, Wild Thang and Dirty Blonde; no Kate was brought down to the dismay of about every third person asking if we were pouring it. We wanted to saving it for you guys out there reading this and coming tomorrow.

The Stout has changed over to the Oatmeal. We used flaked and malted oats again in this batch. It came out very nice and will be a good appetizer to have while you are milling around the bar waiting for 2:27pm.

Well I have to get back to the bottling! See ya all tomorrow!