Hey all,

No its not a 2 for 1 sale, or a blue light special. Its a two beers for two beers trade. We kicked both the Whipper Snapper and the Hop Harvest 2 last night. Replacing them are Sierra Nevada’s Celebration (their winter release) and our Imperial IPA, respectively.

We try to get in the Celebration every year, it is one of Tod’s favorites and is becoming one of mine. What a better way to bring in the first night of frost then with a Celebration.

The Imp IPA is tasting great once again. Big, bold, strong and hoppy! Wait, can I say strong? (if you have been following the Smuttynose Tavern blog you will know what i mean) We some how found a way to squeeze a little more hops into it this year, so definitely let us know what you think.


PS The most recent entry into the smuttynose tavern is very interesting with Monster sending a lawsuit to Rock Art brewing in VT about their Barleywine Vermonster. Crazy!