Hey All,
Yes, it is true Tyler is on a well deserved vacation…… on a boat….. to Bermuda with his family. So, it is me,Tod, here for another Sat. session and boy have I been busy this morning…. lots of beer moving thru here. The Wit just kicked and we’ve replaced it with our Thai/Asian influenced wheat beer known as Thaizenheimer. It is spiced with Kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and both regular ginger as well as Galangal ginger. What is Galangal you ask?? Galangal is a Thai ginger that has a menthol-like spiciness to it and adds a very unique character to this crisp refreshing light bodied ale. Wow, that was a mouthful! Speaking of mouthfuls I think I’ll go have a mouthful of the Thaizen as it is a glorious day here in southern NH! As far as other things happening around here….. I just finished up transferring Weizenheimer which has made it way back into the line-up again. Lots of high fives for the Weizenheimer as it seems to be one of our more popular summer beers. It is an American wheat beer that is both crisp and refreshing with a nice light body. Perfect for summer quaffing! And my last transfer of the morning was the Dirty Blonde…. one of our staples. But the big news for brews this week was Zach Bodah our parttime assistant had a go at a honeymoon beer we let him design. His choice is one of my favorite styles: Saison but not any ordinary saison it is a saison made with honey which in the beer world is known as a Biere de Miele. Honey beer!! Zachs recipe called for some special honey malt and 35 pounds of wildflower honey. It tasted good even before it started fermenting! Some of our special T-58 yeast was the yeast of choice for that unique saison flavor profile. Can’t wait but it probably will not make it to to taps til August. Patience!! So that is all I’ve got for today as I have a few tanks to get cleaning. Have a great weekend and enjoy the outside. Don’t forgot to stop by for a mouthful!! Cheers! Todm