Hey all,

So yesterday Tod an I noticed that there was only about a bbl of the Flanders Red left. That means that it is time to do some blending! 🙂 So We kegged off some of this years Flanders Red to let age in kegs so we will be able to do this again in the future. So after kegging off what we needed to age, we blending in a 3 year old sour Brune and a year old Flanders Red that were both aged with Lambicus. Lambicus is a very unique yeast strain that is found the in natural microflora of Belgium. This yeast give a sour/tart character as it ferments. Adding these to the beer makes this as close to a traditional Lambic style beer that we can make. Now along with the two aged beers we also added some Tart Cherry concentrate to give that back note of tart cherry flavor to the beer as well. So after all of this is said and done we now have our Flanders Kreik Lambic Blend on tap.

Definitely worth a trip in to try this one!