Hey all,

So I am just getting back from a two week Paternal leave.  That is right my first born is here…don’t you worry, he already has his Assistant Brewer onesie.

But on the P-brew side of the world what a difference a couple of weeks make.  The guys here did a great job of holding down the fort while i was away so we have plenty of beer to go into the unofficial kick off of summer, Market Square Day.   Plus, without missing a beat we got our new draft line up and running  just in time.  For those of you following on Facebook you have seen the pictures of the progress.  The run down is that we have expanded our draft selection for the two towers in the upstairs bar from 10 to 12 lines.  As well as adding 2 beer engines dead center of the bar for you cask lovers out there.  The Jimmy Lapanza Lounge got the biggest face lift of all.  We have moved the taps to the back wall and have the same 12 beers and 2 casks you can get upstairs. Plus, we added 4 more lines from a direct draw cooler on the back wall.  This give me the opportunity to get some super special beers for you guys to sample.  So head on downstairs and see all we have to offer you.

See you in soon for a pint!