Hey all,

So i wanted to make sure that you hop heads out there were happy.  So if you come into the Portsmouth Brewery right now and say ,” Oh, I’ll have the IPA.”  Your server will respond, “Which one would you like?  We have four hop foward beers to choose from.”

Project X w/ Sonnet is a new British hop variety that is out there.  The infro-web says that it is similar to Goldings which I can see from the soft earthiness of the hop.  But I am getting such a nice soft grass and soft citrus flavors as well.  The truth is everytime you sip this beer you get a diffrent hop flavor/aroma.  Take your tongue on a hop trip.

Whipper Snapper is a favorite of our patrons and myself.  This is a Session American IPA.  This Beer is easy to drink but has all the spicy/citrus flavors you are craving in a IPA.  Plus you can have a couple of them and not fall off your stool.

The Petite Enffronté is in the same vein as the Whipper.  This is a Session Belgian IPA.  This beer showcases the Sterling hop all the way though then finishing the beer with bitter and sweet orange peel .  The sterling comes though nice a fruity/spicy with the orange peel balancing enhancing the frutiy flavors of the Belgain yeast.  This one is drinking great right now!

Smuttynose Finestkind IPA…you guys know everything about this beer already right?  If not check it out here.