Greetings beer lovers! Tod here to fill in the gaps on what’s up here at the P-brewery. We have had a flurry of beer movements here as I guess people were diggin’ what we’ve had on tap. So, the sad news is the Rye has moved on and replacing it is our double Wit. The Witt is just about 2 months old and tasting big and spicy. Lots of orange and corriander as well as a beautiful spicy/peppery character from the yeast we used. The Black Cat stout has been replaced by our Oatmeal (yum) Stout. 5 C’s is not long for the world and will be replaced by Zachs’ honeymoon Biere de Miele. This is a rare treat we concocted with our special Saison yeast and some yummy honey!! This is such a lovely beer. It is crisp and spicy with a golden hue and a medium body carressed with just a kiss of hops. Lastly the Weizenheimer is on it’s last legs and will be replaced by Thaizenheimer tomorrow. If you haven’t had our Asian influenced wheat beer you’ll be pleasantly surprised but the infusion of Kaffir lime leaves, Galangal and regular ginger as well as lemongrass. The wheat character is subdued by the spicy herbs and spices but quite refreshing and a great pair with our spicy curried mussles. Well, I’ve got to get back to work so don’t forget to come in out of the heat for a nice crisp cool one. Cheers! Todm
P.S. Next Thurs. starts the Ebenezers Belgian fest featuring Cantillion beers as well as many incredible beer not on your every day beer list. This one looks like a killer week of Beer and food.