Yes, all you beer lovers attuned to the P-Brew notes our Tyler Jones has been on his honeymoon with his sweetie,Rachel. The two were married in Chocorua NH on the first of the month and while they were off in the wilds of Maine we’ve been here holding down the fort. It seems that is about all I could do and was unable to blog because I leave that to the young ones. Plus Brian, our newest member of the P-brew brew squad, and I were busy trying to catch up with the movement of the ebb and flow of early Fall here in Portsmouth. So, lot’s of beer changes in the last few days and hours…… Pumpkin replaced the Hop Harvest 2 (sad face :-{(} w/ mustache and clean beard) and is made with 200 pounds of organic Dickinson pumpkins from Blueberry Bay farm in Stratham NH. Gently spiced with ginger,cinnamon,allspice,nutmeg and cloves this beer is a gem of a vegetable beer with light aromatics and a easy medium body for drinkability. The Alt came on with the passing of the Octoberfest. This German style brown ale is conditioned to a dry finish. This ale starts with a malty medium body and ends with the kiss of hops making the finish nice and dry. Lastly, the Rye Not pale ale took the place of the Ginga Ninja. This crazy ale has 55% malted rye in the grist profile making it taste big and malty but not cloying. The finish is where the balance comes on and takes the beer to the next dimension with good hopping and a delightful finish. There are some great beers on now and we’re hoping to keep the goodness coming with some great fall beers. Stay in tune and be on the lookout for Tyler’s return tomorrow. Cheers! Todm