Greetings Beer Lovers,
It has been a long time since I’ve posted a news update. For all of you without Facebook we’ve had a bit of bad news as of late and that is Tyler blew out his knew playing Ultimate disq. ACL, Menicus and whatever else!! How this happens in a non contact sport (yuk-yuk!) OOPS!! blows me away but we have to deal with it, as does Tyler. That said, we are trying to keep the beers on tap and we’ve got some great beers on now and coming up. The Bluebeery has been well received and is flying out the door. Looks like there is just a bit less than 1.5 BBLs left so if you haven’t had your fill you better get in cause it won’t last too much longer. However, we’ll be brewing a double batch in late July for an August arrival. The Red is holding up well as is the Wit, which btw, is tasting outstanding!! We’ve got back up Wit in process as well as Hefeweizen, Dunkelweizen and Rye. So there is nothing to worry about now that Tyler will be recuperating during the busiest time of the year and Tyson, our bottler, will be filling some big Crocs! Hope you are all enjoying this ridiculously hot weather and have some time to come in and enjoy some cool beers and great food. Cheers! Todm