Hey all,

The ESB has changed over to the much anticipated (well by our Head Chef Rob that I know of) WiezenBock. This beer is a hybrid of a Hefewiezen and a German Bock. We use 2 yeast strains (hefe and lager) and krausened with Maple Syrup during secondary. This beer has the nose of a hefe with the flavor of a dark German lager and just a lingering hint of the Maple syrup flavor. Defiantly was worth the wait to lager this beer correctly.

The cask changed too. We are onto our Bravo Pale ale dry hopped with Bravo. The Bravo Pale ale is going on tap after the Baltic porter kicks. But we have been selling so many casks that all we had left to put on was the Bravo pale cask. So you are going to get a sneak peak of the new beer. The Bravo come of relatively spicy in the well balanced Pale Ale. Worth a run though and let me know what you think.