Greetings beer lovers,
 We’ve had a few noteworthy changes to our line up adding some good summer beers. Starting with our Belgian style Wit bier. This great summer elixir is a Belgian inspired wheat beer that incorporates the use of fruit and spices, namely sweet and bitter (Curacao) orange peel, coriander and pepper. The spicing is subtle yet sublime and adds complexity to a crisp light bodied wheat beer.  Like the wheat beers of Germany there is a definitive ester associated with Belgian beer, however one usually associates the banana and clove esters to the Weiss and Hefeweizen style of German Wheat beers. The esters associated with the Belgian wheat beer are more spicy and more ” bubble gummy” in the aromatics. This beer a quite refreshing and pairs well with spicy foods. The other beer we have put on  is Wild Thang our wild rice pale ale. Wild Thang starts with a pale ale recipe and we add 25#’s of house cooked wild rice and  20 #’s of a blend of other rices (the restaurant’s house blend of rice which includes: Wehani, wild rice, brown and wheatberries pre cooked) then added into the mash per 7 barrels of beer. The enzymes from our barley in the mash break down the rice starches into convertable fermentable sugars and make for a unique flavor profile in conjunction with Sterling hops. This flavor profile is quite fruity with some strawberry and cherry flavors and well as aromatics of the same fruit. No fruit was incorporated into the beer. It is the hops and wild rice that produce this unique flavor. The beer is a light golden color with good mouth feel and notable hops flavors and balance. Be sure to come on down soon and enjoy any one of the fine offerings we have here at P-Brew soon. Cheers! Todm